The INspiration Kitchens, Baths, and Closets Studio features a new and exciting addition to the INspiration Furniture Collection at the Honolulu Design Center.  Come visit us on the 3rd floor in the Honolulu Design Center.

Thank you for joining us at INspiration Interior's "Cirque du Kartel" Event with a special showcase of additional artwork from COBRA Art Company being displayed in Stage Restaurant's dining room at the Honolulu Design Center.

Living spaces… a place to relax, enjoy family or friends, and also a place to entertain. Furniture size and placement are important to create the "ebb and flow" of your living space. INspiration has the furnishings to blend with your personality and the sales people to show you how to make the most of your living spaces.  Take a look at the different pieces we have available at our INspired gallery.

Every year Inspiration Interiors generously supports various community projects throughout the state of Hawaii; this year Inspiration chose The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii. Natalie Pawluk, Unit Director of the Charles C. Spalding Clubhouse, worked closely with Inspirations Interior Designer Liz Makara to completely renovate and redesign two entire program spaces in the Charles C. Spalding McCully - Moiliili Clubhouse.

Barbara Locquiao spotted this French Style China Hutch laying on its side and covered in dirt; but she saw the potential and brought it home, and immediately began cleaning it up. "It was kinda sad laying there in the dirt, but I thought it would be a really cool piece," she says about her great find.

Inspired by the elegance and decorations of Bali, Barbara Locquiao and her husband tried to recreate that same Balian sense of design in their home. Additionally, art and other pieces brought home from travels are displayed both subtly and prominantly throughout their home. "They remind us of the culture and the memories we have created in these other countries," Barbara says about the significance the pieces evoke.

The first time Barbara Locquiao picked up a shovel and used a wheelbarrow was after a mudslide filled her living room with dirt and debris. "It was when I was taking soil outside of our living that I realized we had some projects ahead of us."

When Anna Manuel began compiling her swatch book for her 1 bedroom Makiki apartment remodel, four key elements emerged from her collection of images and photos: stainless, glass, white, and wood.

When Anna Manuel moved to Hawaii in 2004, she wanted her living space to be a reflection of the island lifestyle.